20 Favorite Content Curators on Scoop.it Are #MustFollows

20 Scoopiteers who’ve taught me more than I can repay in one lifetime about #contentmarketing and #contentcuration are #MustFollows :

@Robin Good

@Ally Greer

@Ana Cristina Pratas

@ janlgordon

@Brian Yanish – MarketingHits.com

@Karen Dietz


@Thomas Faltin

@Jeff Domansky

@Alex Butler

@The Fish Firm

@massimo facchinetti

@Giuseppe Mauriello

@Mariano Pallottini

@Jesús Hernández

@Guillaume Decugis

@Cendrine Marrouat – www.socialmediaslant.com

@Neil Ferree

@Jesús Hernández

@Peg Corwin

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

These are all Top Content Curators on Scoop.it 

You need to click each Scoopiteer’s name to view their topic page in order to decide if their content is what you’ve been looking for?

As for my Topic Panels, you will find these;

I provide 1-on-1 Scoop.it coaching and training for marketers who want to fast track their content curation and syndication efforts using the industry leading Scoop.it CC platform.

1,000,000 people and businesses are now using Scoop.it!

Interest-based content curation was only a vision 2 years ago when we launched: in a post Web 2.0 world, we felt that more and more we are the content we publish. Whether we liked it or not, we would all need to become media – a problem for busy professionals who don’t have time or inspiration for that and whose primary expertise is often not to be a content publisher.

Since then, publishing-by-curation rapidly turned into an important trend as 1,000,000 freelance professionals, community managers, content marketers, educators, knowledge managers, thought leaders, and more are now using Scoop.it to demonstrate and share their professional expertise, develop visibility for their small or mid-sized businesses or to make the company they work for smarter. Continue reading →

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

1,000,000 Million Businesses and Marketers don’t adopt your platform unless it provides high value business benefits and that’s exactly what +Scoop.it has done and one of the main reasons why Scoop.it is a core component in my content curation and syndication model via Google Plus and Social SEO

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Top 50 Content Marketing Experts – STRYDE

At Stryde, we strive to connect with all facets of our digital marketing community. Accordingly, we’ve compiled a list of who we consider to be the Top 50 Content Marketing experts. To compile this list, we used things like Twitter followers, frequency and quality of interactions in the social realm, breadth and depth of experience, …

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

I would image many of these Top 50 Content Marketing Experts also use Scoop.it like I do?

I’m not sure Twitter followers is as strong of an indicator as is frequency, quality of interactions, breadth and depth of experience, then again Klout and other social metric aggregators rely on Twitter as an indicator. 

If improving your social content marketing efforts is on your radar, here are 50 social content marketing experts you should consider following and engaging with on your social channels.

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13 Google+ Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Are you struggling to gain traction on Google+? Do you want to optimize your Google+ presence? If you want to dominate social media, you have to distribute rich media content efficiently and effectively.

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

Ryan says “if you want to dominate social media, you have to distribute rich media content efficiently and effectively”

The truth is, you’re NOT going to dominate social media even if you master these 13 tools.

However, you will increase your online visibility and grow your social klout so long as your content marketing model includes this!

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Google+ Trumps Twitter & Facebook in Engaging Social Referrals

A study by content discovery and sharing firm, Shareaholic, says that social platforms like Google+ and LinkedIn drive few, but more engaged referrals compared to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.However, brand heads insist that this does not really change the game.

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance

Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.

The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance

~ Eric Schmidt

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A Guide to Google Chrome Extensions as Suggested by the Google+ Community

What are Google Chrome Extensions? 

Chrome Extensions are “… small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. 

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

If you’re a fan of Chrome like many of us are then you know installing the right extensions form the Chrome store is the way to go. 

This guide will help you find and use the best ones.

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8 Social Media Blogs You Should Add to Feedly RSS Reader

8 Social Media Blogs You Should Add to Feedly RSS Reader

  • Google Plus for Business: 3 Tools to Instantly Give Better Results
  • 7 Tips For Creating Valuable Content Your Clients Actually Want
  • 10 Golden Rules to Successful Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing System Best Practices
  • 5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Success
  • Taming the Social Media Marketing Beast
  • How to Identify Relevant Hashtags for Your Business
  • 6 Ways a Formatted G+ Post Will Increase Engagement & Interest
Neil Ferree‘s insight:

Do you use Feedly RSS Reader like I do to source awesome articles, videos, podcasts for your content marketing campaigns? Me too!

Here 8 Awesome Social Media Marketing Blogs you will want to add to your Feedly RSS reader to get some of the best SMM content you’ll find anywhere.

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