how to dramatically increase your social media presence

How to Dramatically Increase Your Social Media Presence

We all know having a presence on the the social web is critical these days. A solid content marketing strategy must include a process for both creating and curating quality content and sharing it across the social web.

If you follow these guidelines, your social content discovery and sharing processes will be more efficient and will dramatically increase your social media presence and social engagement. This is the first step in building a robust social following of topic relevant like minded individuals and growing your personal or business brand.How to Increase Your SMM


Social Content Sharing and Automation

To begin with, you’ll need to have a Google+ Profile and G+ Business Page that are fully populated and properly optimized and connected to Friends+Me so your new Google+ posts will be posted to other networks immediately or at predefined times in the future.

From now on, your Google+ posts will automatically be reposted to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels, unless you specify otherwise.

Your G+ Posts will still require proper formatting and contains an inviting image and a call to action to pass the litmus test as with any piece of quality content you would publish to your blog or website.

Google Plus Neil Ferree Google Plus SMM

Best of Class Social Content Management Tools

The next step is to install and configure the following social media marketing tools. These tools will enable you to set-up your content discovery RSS feeds, social monitoring and listening filters, schedule your social updates and create a customized content sharing model using the Sniply social share workflow engine.

See slide #6 in the accompanying Slideshare Deck.

Who’s Sharing Your Content and Does it Matter?

If your social media marketing budget can cover an extra $99 month, you will want to upgrade to the Pro level with Buzzsumo.

This short video will give you a nice overview of how you can use Buzzsumo to find out who are the key influencer’s sharing your content, what content your competition is producing that is resonating (getting shared) by your target audience and other highly relevant and useful social content marketing dynamics that will help you get a clearer picture on what your social media editorial calendar needs to include.

How to Stop Wasting Time on Facebook via @sniply

There’s a problem. Spend too much time on Facebook. Killing time instead of getting work done. So here are 4 tips on how to stop wasting time on Facebook


According to a study by Vertical Response, the following stats are a very insightful.

  • One third of CEOs and business owners want to spend less time on social media.
  • 90% of those are on Facebook
  • 15% of these people log into Facebook several times a day.

How to Use WordPress Plugins to Streamline Your Business

Are you using WordPress for business? Do you need to streamline key online business processes? With WordPress plugins, you can automate online sales, customer service, project management, email marketing and more.


Since WordPress is the #1 Blogging platform on the Web, these kind of articles are worth a closer look to maximize the reach of our wordpress blogs.