Content Marketing Ninja Hack

This is an advanced Content Marketing Ninja Hack I’ve been using to drive targeted traffic to my Blog.

By following this content marketing routine, you can quickly find and curate quality content and share it with your target audience on multiple social networks.

You will need to have the following social profiles and apps set-up in advance to clone this content marketing routine.

Social Media Tools
Feedly Reader (Pro) (Pro Account) (Basic Account)
Buffer App (Basic Account)

Social Media Profiles
Google+ Page
Step #1 Search Feed


This Content Marketing Ninja Hack uses some of the best social content marketing tools and apps around so the average CMer can find and share great content without spending a ton of time/

Get in touch if you would like to arrange a 1-on-1 sessions to see this system in action and decide if this routine is a good fit for you and your CM plan.


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