How to Dramatically Increase Your Online Visibility and Your Brand Awareness

There are 2 primary tasks involved to dramatically increase your online visibility and brand awareness;

  • Content Discovery
  • Content Sharing
For many of us, Feedly replaced Google Reader as the primary RSS reader. One of the things I like about Feedly is that it will show how many times an article has been shared by the feedly community. I won’t usually share an article that hasn’t been shared at least 100 times.

Why bother sharing an article that nobody wants to read and possibly share to their fans and followers?With a feedly Pro account, you can create a shared collectio


Using and Feedly will save you tons of time for finding quality content your target audience is hungry for. and the Buffer App are ideal content sharing tools that semi-automate the social sharing process but still allow you to properly frame the shared content so you can advise your readers why and how they will benefit from reading (and sharing) your curated content.


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