Make your Google+ Page or Profile a Destination

Google+ is more than a social identity, it’s a social layer. Since the birth of Google+ in 2011, Google has slowly and consistently integrated the social network with its other products and services including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Google Calendar, and more. With these integrations comes not only the chance to  to increase awareness for your brand across multiple Google services,


Excellent article by Bryan Jensen on how to leverage your Google+ Personal Profile and Business Brand Page.

His insight into how personalized search works is some of the best I’ve see and read to date.

What is a Personalized Search?

A personalized search happens anytime a user performs a search when logged into a Google property such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Play, etc.  In an effort to provide the most relevant results to searchers, Google may take into account a user’s search history, location, connections on Google+, and may also incorporate data from other Google services including Calendar and Gmail.

See on Scoop.itGoogle Plus and Social SEO


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