The TSU Social Network

A few words about is a free platform built to break the traditional social networking model where users provide 100% of the content and interaction, yet their image and likeness are monetized 100% by the platform for no economic benefit to the user. By simply removing the platform from the sign-up process (like does), each user can now realize annualized royalties for their content since now they are tied in perpetuity to their audience.

This mechanism gives all users true ownership of their image and likeness and everything is subsidized by advertising, partnership and sponsorship dollars. We encourage you to explore, engage and create.


To get your own personal tsū account, you need to use an active member’s [short code] Here’s my short code if you want to sign up now.

tsū has a pretty nice FAQ you should read so you know the ins and outs of this new social platform. The Official Overview Document should excite you to the massive upside potential of this new social media business model.

tsū is a very visual social network, so you will want to have and use a really cool visual for your tsū profile. Here’s what mine looks like. I don’t own the yacht it (yet) 😉

tsu header graphic

tsū Analytics

The tsū dashboard provides basic analytics. It shows you the number of Friends, Followers, Views, Likes and Comments. Here’s my Likes after 2 weeks on tsū.

tsu analytics likes

How to Make Money on tsū

how to make money on tsu

tsū Family Tree

Once you get your feet wet on tsū social you will see your Tsu Family Tree begin to grow. Don’t expect to get rich quick on tsū but you can expect to make some nice extra cash when you like, share, friend and follow other people with similar likes and tastes. This is what my Family Tree looks like 10 days after jining tsū

Family Tree 11-1-14

Google Plussers active on the tsū Social Network

tsū summary

Have fun with it. Share your pictures, stories, jokes or whatever floats your boat and make some extra cash at same the time doing what you already do every day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


If you decide to Join tsū → go ahead and follow me on tsū too!


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