How accurate is the data on SimilarWeb?

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We have the biggest panel in the industry for web measurement, which makes our data highly accurate.

However, our sample size increases along with a website’s popularity, so the more visits to a site, the more accurate the results are

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

To Rate and Score a Website’s Popularity a there are 2 free services you can use to estimate a site Top of Funnels Metrics that include:

  • Total Visits
  • Time on Site
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate

The most popular is probably Alexa, which is owned by Amazon. Another site measurement service is called SimilarWeb.

The  free versions of both of these web metric measurement services also provide their top referring source, top 5 keyword phrase and destination sites. Its more difficult to get a site’s stats from the SimilarWeb servers, unless the site has a significant traffic count and other TOF metrics, much like the Compete service.

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