Big Names Top Content on Listly

Big Names Top Content

Best of Class Authors and sites in these 5 Categories according to Nick Kellet audit posted to Listly

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Slides
  • Lists
  • Graphics

Big Names / Top content – Video vs Audio vs Slides vs Lists vs Graphics from Nick Kellet

Top Content Deck

Here’s some highlights from his analysis:

I expected to see more slides and more video embedded in posts. Many people do use video (78.6%), but only 14.7% of posts actually include video. This was a surprise.

I thought more people were actively using audio/podcasting (30% of blogs, but only 4.5% of posts)

I’d previously thought the age of lists in blogs was around 1/3 (in this analysis we dug deeper than the blog post title – many blogs include list content that is not referenced in the title).

One best practice I’ve seen is more people are placing multiple forms of sharable media in a single post. There is a lot of doubling up e.g. an infographic, coupled with a list to recap the key learnings in text.

A number of smart bloggers are including photos with text to make it much more shareable. ie they are preventing their headline from being separated from their visual images. This is a smart strategy that works well both on Facebook and Pinterest.

These are the sites referenced in the audit.

  1. Jeff Bullas
  2. Neil Ferree
  3. Hiten Shah & Neil Patel
  4. Mack Collier
  5. Brian Clark
  6. Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah
  7. Mark Schaefer
  8. Neal Schaffer
  9. Jay Baer
  10. Heidi Cohen
  11. John Jantsch
  12. Joe Pulizzi
  13. Michael Stelzner
  14. Darren Rowse
  15. Gini Dietrich
  16. Mike Allton
  17. Brian Rice / Dan Criel
  18. Robin Carey
  19. Ann Handley
  20. Clickz
  21. Danny Sullivan
  22. Leo Widrich & Joel Gascoigne
  23. Dr Dave Chaffey / Dan Bosomworth / Stu Miller
  24. Joseph Olewitz
  25. Malhar Barai
  26. John Nieuwenburg
  27. Ian Cleary
  28. Frithjof Petscheleit
  29. Jennifer Olney
  30. Andy Crestodina
  31. Michele Smorgon
  32. Andrea – Ipnostudio
  33. Ric Dragon
  34. DJ Thistle / Daniel Hebert / Gerry Michaels
  35. Ted Rubin
  36. Dino Dogan
  37. Geoff Livingston
  38. Mitch Joel
  39. James Chartand
  40. Stanford Smith
  41. Sam Fiorella
  42. Jure Klepic
  43. Lee Odden
  44. Mari Smith
  45. David Meerman Scott
  46. Amy Porterfield
  47. Guy Kawasaki
  48. C.C. Chapman
  49. Chris Brogan
  50. Tim McDonald
  51. Denise Wakeman
  52. Gary Vaynerchuk
  53. Fred Wilson
  54. Martin Shervington
  55. Sarah Arrow
  56. Lilach Bullock
  57. Pam Moore
  58. Meghan M Biro
  59. Shelly Kramer
  60. Barry Feldman
  61. Brian Solis
  62. Jeremiah Owyang
  63. Christopher Penn
  64. Beth Kanter
  65. Jason Falls / Jason Spooner / Nichole Kelly
  66. Amber Naslund
  67. Bryan Eisenberg
  68. Liz Strauss
  69. Jeff Jarvis
  70. – Pamela Wilson

Next Step is set-up a meeting via My vCita so we can talk social seo strategy.

Neil Ferree


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