Social Shares is the Future of SEO

social seo

Links pointing to your site are still important and Google uses these links to rank your site.  The number of +1’s and comments and social shares your content generates is beginning to have a major influence on search results. To enhance your Social SEO influence, you will need to verify Authorship.

There are various methods to establish your rel=author code. Visit the Structured Data Testing Tool page via Google Webmaster Tools else you can contact me and schedule an Google Hangout and I can acquaint you with other options available to accomplish this Social SEO task.

Once verified, your Google+ profile head shot will show up in the Google search results like this;

rich snippet authorship

How to Develop a Social SEO Strategy

Read the Top Content Marketing Planning Guides
I showcase the Top Guides in this Bitly Bundle

Install these 2 Social Dashboards to Google Analytics
Top Cities, Top Content Shared, Traffic by Top Social Network

Scan your Website using Best-of-Class SEO Tools
SEOmoz and/or Majestic SEO and/or Market Samurai

Critique Top Social Profiles for Branding
Profile Header, Color Scheme, Logo, Tagline, Meta, Geo

Set-up Social Monitoring and Social Listening Triggers
Listen for Brand, Product, Geo, Competition and Keyword Signals

Set-up RSS and Content Curation Feeds
Feedly, RSS Feed Reader,,

How Google Authorship Enhances Social SEO

Once your Authorship is verified and your content get ranked on page 1 of Google for your target keyword phrase and your Rich Snippet is rendering properly in the search results, your website will get a lot more social traffic, your Authority will rise, your Author Rank (once it goes live) will have a lot more influence on where your web pages rank and show up in the search results.

Google+ Authorship Social SEO Community

There are dozens of Communities on Google+ that focus on Google Authorship, Author Rank and rel=author. Some are better than others. I belong to two such Communities. Let me know, if you would like me to send you an invite  to my Authorship Community on Google+


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