How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google and Stay There 20 Months Later

Neil Ferree‘s insight:

The article How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google first appeared on SMM+ on September 11, 2011 Ever since, I’ve owned the Top 2 SERP’s

Back when I took this screen capture only 8,000 people had me in their Google+ Circles. Today its over 15,000 • Social SEO is the way to go!

For your marketing message to get found + read + shared you must have a  Content Marketing strategy in motion and your Social SEO skills probably need fine tuning.

Your Social Link Wheel must include Top 6 Socials (at a minimum) and fully optimized in a post Panda Penguin world.

The same rules apply for Video Marketing. YouTube is the 2nd largest SE so your needs to rank “above the fold” like this does.

Our Authorship, Authorty and rel=author and Rich Snippet are being tracked by Google. The more social signals + shares our content generates the more trust our “vetted” Google ID becomes and the better our rankings.

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