Telly Launches Its New Service On Video Discovery Based On User’s Social Graph

Excerpted from article:

“Telly, a San Francisco-based social video discovery platform, announced today the launch of My Telly, a service which surfaces videos for its users based on their social graph. The startup, previously called Twitvid, pivoted in mid-2012 after recognizing that video discovery was a bigger pain point than uploading and sharing video content on Twitter.


CEO Mo Al Adham said:

“My Telly is really about helping people discover amazing videos that their social network has curated for them.”


The algorithm powering My Telly looks at the activity of friends on Telly, Facebook, or Twitter who watch, comment, share, or like a video, and then ranks those videos higher and prompt users to watch them. According to Al Adham, this is just the first in a long string of product updates aimed at providing greater personalization, making sure the user is served the right video at the right time and taking into account the device someone is using at the time, for example showing shorter videos if a user is on a mobile device.


Al Adham said the company is picking up a lot of behavioral data since its algorithm learns as a user interacts with the app…”


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Neil Ferree‘s insight:

Find Videos on your Socials 

Based on your Social Graph” 

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