How to Get a Google Page 1 SERP

Getting ranked on page 1 of Google is becoming more complex and more difficult these days now that Panda and Penguin are fully baked. In spite of the new rules of engagement, here are a handful of Google Page 1 SERP we have acquired in the past few months.

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Obviously, some of these longtail keyword phrases have more search volume than others. The point of the exercise was to author content that attracted a very specific audience, wanting to accomplish a specific goal.

For example: How to Get Ranked on Page 1 of Google. Click any of the links above to see the Google Organic search results.

 this if you would like to get on my radar for a personal one-on-one session, so we can discuss how your content and your web pages can get ranked at the top of Google for your target keyword phrases. Or visit Social Media Marketing Plus and hit the Contact Neil page. Otherwise, pop over to my Google Plus page and add me to one of your circles (Social SEO) and we can go from there.


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